How to Clean a Cluttered House Fast

Clutter, Mess, Junk, stuff, It’s all the same thing really. Material items that take up space in your home, hold your attention, cost you time and money, and diminish the fresh, positive energy of your personal space. Too much clutter can literally weigh you down, so cleaning up your cluttered house is a great way to feel happier, clearer and literally lighter.

Organizing and DeclutteringCleaning a cluttered house may seem like a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be if you have a plan. Clearing and cleaning areas that can be seen will make you feel better if you have unexpected guests show up. Clutter that is hidden away can wait till you have more time.

Cleaning a Cluttered House

Step 1

Get a garbage bag and walk through the house room by room and collect up all of the rubbish. Also empty any garbage bins that you have in the house, thus getting rid of all rubbish.

Step 2

From every room collect up any dishes that may be lying around. Then either put into dishwasher and start it up, or hand wash and dry and put away. Having clean and clutter free benches in the kitchen gives you a rewarding feeling.

Step 3-

With a laundry basket collect up any dirty clothes that may be lying on floors in bedrooms or bathroom and take to laundry, sort into washing piles and start doing a load of washing. Collecting clothes up makes a huge difference to space. Clean clothes should be folded and put away in wardrobes.

Step 4

Clear all counter tops, benches and tables of paper work and any other items that are out of place. File paper work away, that you need to keep, and return the other items to their rightful places. Once you have cleared all surfaces now dust and wipe as you go.

Step 5-

Once you have clean and cleared all the living areas, you will now be able to dust surfaces like coffee tables and television cabinets. Then you will be able to vacuum carpeted areas, sweep and wash other floors. Furniture, such as sofas could be vacuumed or wiped over as well.

Step 6

The last areas to clean are the bathroom and toilet. Clean off benches and put away items in cabinets, clean shower, bath and vanity. Wash floor and replace clean towels and bathmats. Place a nice air freshener on counter, and a nice perfumed hand soap for quests to use.

Keeping a clean clutter free house, is as simple as sticking to a few simple rules, and to get everybody in the house to help.

  • Cleaning and DeclutteringClean as you go. This applies to your everyday life, for example, clean up as you are preparing food. Wash and put away everything that you use in their proper place. Load the dishwasher after every meal and set going when full.
  • Wipe down bathroom benches as needed.
  • Have a dedicated laundry basket to ensure soiled clothing and towels go into that and not on the floor.
  • Put away coats and shoes as soon as you take them off.
  • Make your bed as soon as you get up every morning.
  • Set aside a time each week to do a general clean.
  • Get into a new habit of avoiding the creation of clutter, buy less. Have what you love and love what you have. Learn to appreciate experiences above material things.