Declutter Storage Cupboards

Storage areas are often the last places we choose to declutter. But these areas should be the first areas we do. As organizing and decluttering these areas gives us more space to be able to put away and protect the things we want to keep.

Most of us have a cupboard that is in need of being organized. Everything is just squeezed in so that when you want to find something, you either spend a lot of extra time sorting through everything, or the cupboard is so full that things fall out at you as soon as you open the cupboard doors.

Once deciding to start cleaning out one of your cupboards, make sure that you allow plenty of time, as it may be a longer process than what you imagine.

Steps to decluttering a storage cupboard

Step 1- Find a large area where you can lay down a plastic sheet or tarp. Then remove everything from the cupboard, and place on the plastic sheet.

declutter-storage-cupboardStep 2-This is probably where you will need plenty of time, as this can be a hard and emotional step. As you sort through your items you will rediscover memories, and also some items that you keep just because you might need it one day. But you need to stay focused and determine what items are necessary and what items are kept because you might need them one day. There will also be items of sentimental value which you will want to keep.

Step 3- You will need to sort everything into different piles. A pile for the things you wish to keep. A pile for things to get rid of, for example rubbish, recycle, or donate. You may also have somethings which you are not sure what to do with so put those things together and you can come back later and make a decision.

Step 4 – The things that you want to keep can now be stacked back neatly on the shelves of the cupboard, or you can purchase storage containers to organize items into and clearly label each storage container with what is in it, which will make it easier to find what you are looking for.

Step 5-Makesure that the items that you have put aside to donate or recycle, are taken straight to were they need to go and don’t find their way back into your cupboard.

Summary: By going through this process you should find that you now have a cupboard which is now organized, so that finding things should be a lot easier and quicker. Saving you a lot of time and effort.