What’s the Best Way to Organize a Pantry

Best Way to Organize Pantry

If you’re anything like most of us, you have certainly wondered “How do I organize my pantry” from time to time. Even with the best intentions, the pantry is a space that quickly becomes cluttered and overrun with products that linger in its depths until they covertly pass their use-by-dates (hello, herbs and spices!) simply because they are lost among everything else that resides there.

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Organizing a Messy House

Declutter Organize

When you are overwhelmed with a messy cluttered home, instead of trying to declutter, clean and organize your home all at once, break your tasks up room by room and then specific areas of a room. This will break everything up into smaller tasks and you can start smaller areas depending on what time you have. Start with the areas that you consider to be the most important to tackle first. When you achieve just one small area you will become motivated to continue to declutter and organize your home.

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